keep your

wine fresh

Never worry about only finishing half a bottle.
Advantages of the
Kink(Y) Wine Rubber
1. Keeps Your Wine Fresh

Creates an airtight seal that keep your wine fresh longer. It also allows you to store the wine bottle on its side in the refrigerator or on a rack.


Grippable material allows for an easier handle to remove the reinserted cork. It also assists on getting off a twist cap.

3. Protects Your Table

Acts as a bottle or glass coaster to protect your table top from wine stains.

4. Covers Your Wine

Keeps bugs out of your glass when enjoying your wine outdoors.

What Our Customers Say

I always felt like I had to drink the whole bottle, now I can just have a glass and save the rest!

–  John ‘Boss’ Seehafer

Mind-blowingly chic. No fashionable wine drinker should be without one.

–  Christi Philips

This will spark a revolution in making your wine last!

– Elizabeth Ragan

Perfect for bars and restaurants, always keeping the wine fresh from the time they popped the cork.

–  Angela Carnoske

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