Hello! My name is Angela Carnoske aka WineGoddess! I’m a Key West transplant by way of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Thank you for vising my website and for your interest in my product!  I’m grateful to be sharing my passion and my invention with people like you. My vision for KINK(Y) Wine Rubber came to me during a meditation after returning from an incredible journey that would change my life. I have suffered nearly my entire life with physical ailments. Which have challenged me in many ways. After falling very ill in 2012, my body’s recovery prevented me from having certain jobs and was told by a doctor that the best course of action was to be on disability and not work. I could not accept this and pushed myself physically and mentally to embark on a trip to Spain to hike El Camino de Santiago. It was this arduous journey that later inspired my design.

The Camino is approximately a 500-mile hike with long periods of time alone, I began to pray for an answer to how I would provide for myself with my medical condition. As I walked, I was given the gift of sunflowers. They were everywhere and sunflowers soon became a huge sign for me on the Camino. They made me smile and seemed to always be just around the corner every time things got difficult. I embraced this sign and used the sunflower to inspire me to continue on. The journey was long and hard, and I got more out of the hike than I ever expected in so many ways.

Once I returned to Key West, I went back to waiting tables and kept my sunflower inspiration to find my answers to my prayers. One afternoon I had a strange vision during meditation about an invention, and I didn’t even know where to begin. I started to talk to people around me about how to make it. At each step in the development process of my invention a different person has been put in front of me to show me the way to making my idea come to life. From the first clay mold to the final production. In honor of my inspirational hike through Spain, I made my first mold in the shape of a sunflower. The colors I chose for the first release are of the ocean because this is where I find my peace.

Who knew that a girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma (with what could have been a debilitating medical condition) would end up in Key West (surrounded by the ocean) making her dream (literally) a reality all from a prayer and the gift of a sunflowers.

Thank you for letting me share my journey. I hope you get inspired and see “sunflowers” every time you use KINK(Y).

Angela WineGoddess

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